About j3d.org

The site is currently run by Justin Couch.

Steve Pietrowicz was involved in the original creation. He also started and maintained the Java 3D FAQ for a long time, which was the original motivator for getting this site going in the first place. Unfortunately, due to work pressures, Steve can no longer work on the site.

Along the way we have picked up various other pieces of content - such as the Java 3D Loader Archive, maintained for a number of years by Bill Day. The rest is contributed by various people and taken from posts to the java3d-interest list. If you think you would like to help out, please look at the Help Wanted page for items that are currently outstanding.



Huge thanks to these people who have helped develop this site!


These are the current people maintaining the J3d.org site:

John Wright Starfire Research


We would really like to thank the following people for providing translations into non-english languages of the site, or parts thereof.
  • Spanish: Borja Marcos Suárez (and unknown friends)
  • Japanese: Yukio Andoh
  • German: Marc van Woerkom


These people have contributed individual items of content or made a number of suggestions for improvements/fixes etc:

Doug Twilleager Sun Microsystems (Java3D development team)
Paul Byrne Sun Microsystems (Java3D development team)
Doug Gehringer Sun Microsystems (Java3D development team)
Paul Pantera Sun Microsystems (Java3D development team)
Syrus Mesdahgi
Karl Meissner
Dave Yazel Cosm
Joachim Diepstraten

Past Helpers and Contributors

Steve Pietrowicz NCSA
Bill Day Sun Microsystems


Main site Details

Yumetech, Inc

The site is not sponsored by Sun Microsystems or any other company. We've deliberately tried to keep it this way because we want to be seen as independent as possible. As the site grows, we'll need to start taking some form of sponsorship, just to pay for the ISP costs to run it while remaining as independent as possible. If you'd like to help us out, please contact us.

The current site config:

  • Apache for web serving duties
  • Subversion for maintenance & version control
  • vi, textpad, ssh for editing the pages