Help Wanted is a volunteer run organisation. We don't have any people paid to work on the site. This means we do what we can in our spare time. A lot of really good suggestions just get dropped due to limited time. Therefore this page is a list of things that we haven't done. If you think you can provide an answer to one (or more!) of these topics then please feel free to write something up and send it to us.

What you write needs to be reasonably good English. A plain text file is fine as we'll format it to fit the site. If you have pictures, send those too! Although we can provide technical advice, the reason you are writing one of these is that you know about it already :)

If you decide to take one on, let us know just on the odd chance that someone else has picked up the same thing as you. We can then get you together for a joint effort.


Waiting List

  • Tutorial on basic texture mapping
  • Tutorial on 3D texture mapping
  • Tutorial on Multi-texture texture mapping
  • Tutorial on Environment Mapping