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This entire site is managed using subversion (SVN). It is possible to download everything to your machine to keep up to date. Warning - it's big! As we don't provide a convenient zipped form of the site, this is the only way to fetch it.


If you do not know what SVN is, or you know but don't have any software, then you should pay a visit to the SVN Homepage. SVN allows you to do incrememental updates of files as they become available, as well as rollbacks to earlier versions. Thus, the files that you download from SVN may not always be in a compilable state, but they'll be the latest copy, pretty much whatever the developers are working on at the moment.

If you are unfamiliar with SVN, The SVN Book comes with high recommendations from the entire subversion-using community.

MS Windows users who prefer pretty graphical interfaces rather than command lines should check out TortiseSVN


Anonymous svn read access can be had by using the following command:

  svn checkout

There is no password needed. However, this will check out all versions of Xj3D. We recommend instead, using the URL We use the SVN convention of trunk and branch separate directories at the root of the tree, so you can find the various branches under code/branches

Mail Notifications

If you would like to recieve mail notifications of when the website is updated in the repository, we have a mail list for this purpose. To subscribe to the mailing list, visit the mailing lists page for more details on lists and how to subscribe etc.