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The Java 3D Community Site

This is a community site put together by a bunch of volunteers to encourage more sharing of information among the members of Java community interested in doing 3D graphics work. Originally we focused purely on the Java3D API, but with the advent of several other APIs for adding 3D rendering to Java, we've expanded to cover those as well.

Being a volunteer run site, there are always things to do and we never have enough time to do everything that everyone wants. As this is a community-driven site, we rely on you to send us contributions to the site. Alternatively, if you have an announcement or news item related to Java and 3D graphics that you'd like to see on this site, let us know too!

Anyway, enough babbling from us. On with the show!


Latest News

10 June 2010

Aviatrix3D 2.1 final release is now available for download. After several years of development and extensive testing on public websites, we're extremely pleased with the feature additions and fixes. Major bullet points for this release are full multipass/target rendering capability to support GBuffer-style rendering algorithms, and almost complete Internationalisation support for messages

19 Mar 2010

v1.0 of the j3d.org core codebase has been released after way too many years of tweaking. You can download it over here.

27 Jan 2010

We're baaaack! Somewhat at least. Everything has been moved to a new hosting provider and the codebases have been moved from CVS to SVN. We're still cleaning up much of the website so that it is usable after the move, so please hold on as we reorganise a bit